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When you read these columns, you have a sudden urge to see "Performance" page.



A) Return rate of each casino game and other gambling

Among the many gambling games, online casinos boast an outstanding return rate (the percentage of the amount players spend on their hands).


Online casinos have a high return rate because they have a structure that can suppress "capital investment costs" and "labor costs", which are considered to be the largest expenses in company management, by completing the service on the Internet without having a store.


As you can see in the table, you can see at a glance that the return rate of online casino is overwhelmingly higher than general other gambling, but this fact is surprisingly unknown for generals.


・ Isn't online casino a scam?

・ Isn't it difficult to play?

・ How do I get started?


Like the above concerns, It may be another reason why the hurdle "looks high" for beginners who do not know anything.

B) Why we choose Blackjack in the many casino games

As mentioned earlier, online casinos offer high returns, but among them, blackjack and baccarat have the highest return rates.


It's a simple and obvious reason, but the high return rate of the base is a very important reason.


By applying a mathematical method (card counting) to this high return rate, it is possible to create a situation where the return rate exceeds 100% (= the amount returned is greater than the bet).

C) What is card counting?

Card counting is to predict the cards that are not yet in play (cards in the shooter) by recording all the cards that are in play and calculating.


The remaining cards in the shooter will change as the game progresses, and there is sometime an inclination to a certain card, so the idea of ​​card counting in blackjack is to definitely calculate that inclination and utilize it.


For example, suppose there are three J / Q / K cards each.


And, suppose JJQQQ comes out when you draw 5 cards.


Then, the next card you will draw will be one of JKKK (rest of cards).


So which card is likely to be the next card?


.....That's right.

Expecting K is the most probable in terms of probability theory (K will be drawn in 75%).


Simply put, this is card counting.

1. Why Blackjack


A) What kind of game is Blackjack?

Blackjack is a game in which cards other than the Joker are used, and the one (dealer or player), getting the total number of cards dealt is 21 or closer to 21, wins. (Lose if exceeding "21" as it is "Bust")

First of all, various cards are calculated as follows.



"10 / J / Q / K"

: Calculated as 1 or 11.

: Calculated as each number

: Calculated as 10


● Player's basic actions ●





: Draw another card

: Finish the action without drawing a card

: Double the bet amount and draw another card

: Divide the dealt cards into two and play each separately

● Dealer's basic actions ●


    After player's action, just draw a card up to getting dealer's total number of cards more than "16".

* The above rules may differ in each online casinos.

Let's play demo.


The dealer first deals two cards each, leaving one of the dealer's cards prone.


Then, player considers if draw or not, for the total number of cards to be closer "21".

In this case, player should draw a card because present total number of cards is still "11" ( 8 + 3 ), which means player calls "Hit".

After player's calling "Hit", dealer deals one more card.


Considering that it is now "19", player calls "Stand", because it is more likely to exceed "21" if more cards are drawn.


After player's action, dealer confirm prone card and draw a card up to getting dealer's total number of cards more than "16".

Dealer's cards are now "15", so dealer need to draw a card to exceed "16".


When the dealer draws a card, K (= calculated as 10) comes out, and the total number gets "25".
Since it exceeds "21", it becomes "Bust", which means 
player wins.


This is one game and will be repeated.

One more thing, dealer draws cards from the shooter being consisted of about 3 to 8 sets (1 set has 52 playing cards). The number of cards depends on each online casinos.


For example, Infinite Blackjack suitable Blackjack for PCS uses 8 sets (52 x 8) of cards as one shooter.


While one shooter has a huge number of cards, conversely, only that many cards will come into play, so we can probabilistically predict the next one card. Therefore, various strategies have been created.


The most famous method among the strategies is "Basic Strategy".

B) What is Basic Strategy?

By comparing the two cards dealt to player and the up card dealt to dealer, you probabilistically calculate and decide whether you should draw a card or compete with dealer with cards you already have, and the one summarized those logic is Basic Strategy.


In other words, when playing the game, if you play while looking at the table below, you will win only by that.


By playing games based on Basic Strategy, blackjack return rate without counting can further increase.

Basic Strategy Table.png

<How to use the table>

Check the number on dealer's up card and the numbers on player's card, and you make the next best choice.

C) Fatal shortcomings of Basic Strategy

First, there are four major ways to increase the return rate of Blackjack.


Use Basic Strategy

Do card counting

Control bet amount

Build logic optimized for each casino's Blackjack rules

Of the four, Basic Strategy in ① has some major shortcomings.


those are,,,


● Only the same play can be shown under any circumstances

● Not judge if you should bet strongly or not

● Only show hands based on general Blackjack rules

Then, Let's see the detail reasons.

Only the same play can be shown under any circumstances

This happens because Basic Strategy only shows the average value.


For example, Basic Strategy shows recommended plays that take "K" into consideration, despite the relative frequency of "K" being zero.

In other words, Basic Strategy can not show a best play according to a running play.


Consider the case which the dealer has "5" as up card and player has cards as a total number of "16".

Basic Strategyの表2.png

At this time, player should choose "Stand", in light of the table of Basic Strategies.


The reason why it is considered to be "Stand" in Basic Strategy is that 10 / J / Q / K calculated as 10, have a high appearance rate, so dealer is likely to be "Bust" in this situation.
(goes like 5 → 10 → 10, and it means a total number as "25", which is "Bust")


However, as the game approaches the end, there is a possibility that 10 / J / Q / K calculated as 10 get exhausted and the appearance rate can be extremely lower than usual.


At that time, if choose "Stand", it may not be the best hand.

To avoid this, 

Do card counting

would be a solution.

● Not judge if you should bet strongly or not

Basic Strategy only shows the next hand, there is no bet amount guide.


In general, the situation which many cards calculated as 10 came out (= the situation which there are few cards calculated as 10 in the shooter) is considered to be an advantageous situation for dealer, and conversely it is considered to be an advantageous situation for player when a lot of low cards (2 to 9) came out.

Strictly speaking, the favorable / disadvantageous situation changes from moment to moment depending on how many and which cards appeared.


Therefore, no matter how much the online casino and Blackjack use Basic Strategy, even if it is a high return rate, if the bet is not made when it should be bet, the profit amount will decrease greatly.


In the situation which you win three times when you bet $100 each and lose once when you bet $500, you will be in the red even if the winning percentage is high.

win rate x payout.png

To avoid this, 

Control bet amount

would be a solution.


● Only show hands based on general Blackjack rules

Blackjack rules vary slightly from casino to casino.

Here are some excerpts of parameters in the return rate due to differences in rules.


In this way, if the rules are different, the return rate also changes.

Each parameters are not so big, but when they are added together or we play longer, the results are greatly affected.

So, you can see that Basic Strategy created according to the general rules does not show the optimal play for you.

To avoid this,

Build logic optimized for each casino's Blackjack rules

would be a solution.

2. Stragety History


A) Strength of PCS


・ Return rate of 98% or more if Basic Strategy is used

・ Return rate of 99-101% if card counting in Basic Strategy is used

are said.


The logic in the streets also has been considered till only those points.


On the other hand, PCS logic has the strength to cover the parts that other logic cannot cover.


① Calculate the best bet according to your funds for the next game

Consider the cards in a shooter and calculate the optimal action for each case

Automatically update the funds according to the win or loss

Real-time display of the appearance probability of all numbers of cards


Explained that Basic Strategy has a return rate of 99-101% considering card counting, but in addition to that, PCS that provides logic optimized for rules (eg. optimized for Infinite Blackjack) while adjusting the bet amount and managing funds has a return rate of 105% over we are proud of.


In addition, PCS has a rich user-friendly user interface and support.


Easy to use for everyone at first glance

No system update required

⑦ Can be used on PCs, tablets and smartphones

⑧ Customer support response within 24 hours

Royalty system such as continuous use and referral system

B) Technicl Strength(①〜④)

Calculate the best bet according to your funds for the next game

The optimal bet amount is displayed according to fund.

Also, the bet amount changes depending on the cards left in the shooter.


PCS performs more sophisticated calculation which Basic Strategy can not do.


In addition, PCS has the following three modes to satisfy users who like high risk and high return, and those who like low risk and low return.

Try playing in your favorite mode.


3 mode you can choose.png

Considering the cards that came into play and the cards that remained in the shooter, PCS shows the best action at time to time.


PCS can consider card counting which Basic Strategy can not do.

Consider the cards in a shooter and calculate the optimal action for each case

The funds will be constantly updated based on the bet amount and win / loss for each play.

As a result, the accuracy of the optimal bet amount calculation in "Strength ①" will be further increased.


In addition, since the bet amount and win / loss for each play are recorded, it is possible to trace back the history later, which means the history report can be exported.


Support funds management which Basic Strategy can not do.

Automatically update the funds according to the win or loss

Real-time display of the appearance probability of all numbers of cards

Since PCS has a function of card counting, it can shows the appearance rate of all cards.

In addition, it is also possible to show how much the winning percentage is at that time.



apperearance & win rate.png

C) Strength of rich user-friendly user interface and support(⑤〜⑨)

Easy to use for everyone at first glance

The user interface is designed so that anyone can operate it easily.
(If you find it difficult to understand at first glance, please check How to Use.)

The system screen has a vertical screen design so that the casino screen and system screen can be easily displayed on one screen.

Try playing by displaying each screen side by side.



PCS is a web app and does not require a system to be installed on your local device.

Also, because it is a web application, you can use the latest system every time you log in, so you do not need to perform troublesome work such as updating.


No system update required

No system update required.png

Since it is a web application, it can be used on various devices.

When playing an online casino on a PC, if switching screens is troublesome, using PCS on a tablet is another way.


By all means, please try to create an environment that is easy for you to use.

⑦ Can be used on PCs, tablets and smartphones

PCS works on various devices.png

We have a support system in English / Japanese, and there are multiple people in charge, so we will always reply to your inquiries within 24 hours.


We will endeavor to respond promptly not only to the purchaser but also to the customer before purchase.

⑧ Customer support response within 24 hours

within 24 hours.png

Royalty system such as continuous use and referral system

For customers who can continue to use PCS, we are offering a plan that allows you to use PCS at a discounted price.

Check Price for discounted prices.


We also have a referral system available, so please contact Support for details.

Advantage of PCS


What you need to follow

〜Rules such as funds management〜

If you do not play according to the system, it will be discretionary play by each players, and you will not gain the performance  "play not affected by emotion" which is the advantage of the system.

Please definitely follow the shown hand. 

When it shows "Hit", just follow the "Hit" hand.

If "Stand" or other directions, do same as the above.

Play with the displayed play / bet amount

follow shown hand.png

Play with 0.1% bet amount of your own funds, which should be more than the casino minimum bet

Be sure to keep the minimum bet and start the game as you will not be able to bet when you should bet if you are out of funds.


The minimum bet amount on PCS is 0.1% of a fund.

If you have a minimum bet amount of 1€ at the casino, you need to start the game with a fund of 1,000 €.

(1,000 € × 0.1% = 1 €)

Understanding that it is probability theory

・ You may lose continuously

・ If continue without being influenced by emotion, it will always converge to the expected value

If you do not follow / understand ① to ③, there is no meanings in using this system.

In particular, it is very important that you keep your emotion whatever happens in short term and see it in long term.

4. Precautions
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