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You can use PCS super easily.

We have prepared the manual as below.

To confirm quickly how to use and play with PCS on an online casino,

see videos in "INPUT & NEXT PLAY" and "DEMONSTRATION" chapter.





Go to "Price" page in the top menu bar.

Select plan and click "Buy Now".


 Click "Sign Up" and register your email address.

 If you have already registered in this web site, click "Log In" and continue your payment.



After clicking the above "Register", you will move the following page.


After clicking "Buy Now", you can find the following message.

Your email address has been registered and you can use PCS from now on.

Rules to Follow



What you need to follow

〜Rules such as funds management〜

If you do not play according to the system, it will be discretionary play by each players, and you will not gain the performance  "play not affected by emotion" which is the advantage of the system.

Please definitely follow the shown hand. 

When it shows "Hit", just follow the "Hit" hand.

If "Stand" or other directions, do same as the above.

Play with the displayed play / bet amount

follow shown hand.png

Play with 0.1% bet amount of your own funds, which should be more than the casino minimum bet

Be sure to keep the minimum bet and start the game as you will not be able to bet when you should bet if you are out of funds.


The minimum bet amount on PCS is 0.1% of a fund.

If you have a minimum bet amount of 1€ at the casino, you need to start the game with a fund of 1,000 €.

(1,000 € × 0.1% = 1 €)

Understanding that it is probability theory

・ You may lose continuously

・ If continue without being influenced by emotion, it will always converge to the expected value

If you do not follow / understand ① to ③, there is no meanings in using this system.

In particular, it is very important that you keep your emotion whatever happens in short term and see it in long term.

Login & Layouts




Go to "Application" page in the top menu.


Your email address registered in the previous steps should be linked to the following registering email address.

​Therefore, do not forget to use the same email address consistently.



As you see below, PCS has simple UI so you can use it intuitively!!

The following screenshot is used in PCS for Infinite Blackjack.




Common Procedure

<Ordinary Flow>

The following procedure is ordinary flow when using PCS.

You will find how to use PCS without reading this instructions but just in case.

ordinary flow1.png
ordinary flow2.png
ordinary flow3.png
ordinary flow4.png
ordinary flow attention.png

<One point advice when playing Double>

ordinary flow double.png

<One point advice when playing Split>

ordinary flow split.png

<One point advice when betting Insurance>

ordinary flow insurrance.png

<One point advice when other cards dealt after your Stand>

ordinary flow xcards.png

Tips for Infinite Blackjack

<How-to-play Video of Infinite Blackjack with PCS>

Audio : English / Subtitle:You can choose Japanese


<Don't miss inputing X cards after finishing your hand>

Even your hands end ( = "Stand"), other players may draw another card.

In PCS, you need to input all of the cards you see, so you need to keep inputing those into PCS as X cards.

Additionally, after your "Stand", the cards which other plays draw can be seen for only a few seconds.

You have no chance to confirm  what the card was if missing seeing the card for the tiny seconds.

Therefore even after your "Stand", keep your eye on the game.

Tips for Other Blackjack Table

<How-to-play Video of Other Blackjack Table with PCS>

Audio : English / Subtitle:You can choose Japanese


<Choose a seat on the far left>

In Other Blackjack Table, you need to input so many numbers of cards.

Therefore we do recommend you to sit on the far left seat to secure time for inputting.

Make sure your next hand after inputing all the cards drawn by the player siting on the right next to you.

If you sit on the second or more far left seat, of course you need to keep inputing X cards drawn by the players sitting on the left next to you after your hand "Stand".

the best seat for OB.png

<You can play on two seats or more, simultaneously>

OtherBJ Tips.png
Input & Next Play
Tips for Other Blackjack Table
Tips for Infinite Blackjack
Common Procedure



Infinite Blackjack

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