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Check PCS Perfomance

PCS has 3 modes controlling "Maximum bet amount", "Minimum bet amount", "Drawdown rate".

In the 3 modes, there are


"Stable" Try to increase funds steadily and safely

"Normal" Good balanced mode

"Challenge" Take some risk and try to increase funds aggressively.


and, you can choose what you want according to your personality

We have tried a huge number of times using PCS. The method was to create a specific program. Since Blackjack exists only in the world of probability theory, we were able to produce results that were very similar to the actual game.

1. Infinite Blackjack Results


  • Starting funds is $ 1,000

  • Using "Normal" mode

  • Definitely followed to direction of PCS

  • All games should be bet


 The win rate doesn't look good, but you can see that the total amount has increased significantly.  Why is this happening?


As we learned on the "Column" page, we manage all bet amounts. So you can only place more bets when you are more likely to win and get more returns as a result.


That's why we win completely.

Infinite Blackjack Results

2. Other Blackjack Table Results


In Other Blackjack simulation, we estimate a player who is a super light player, playing on only Saturday and Sunday, 2 days in a week.

  • Starting funds is $ 10,000

  • Using "Stable", "Normal", and "Challenge" mode

  • Definitely followed to direction of PCS (bet all times if it says a minimum bet, $5)

  • Limit Break "OK"

  • Results of playing 35 shooters in one month for 10 years (Total 58,800 games)

"35 shooters in one month" and "58,800 games" consist of the following precondition.

 ✓ Play in 2 days in a week, just playing 4 shooters in an hour in each day.
  ⇒ It means playing in 8.75 days in a month.
  ⇒ 4 shooters × 8.75 days = 35 shooters in a month 

 ✓ 14 games are ordinarily played in one shooter 
  ⇒ 4 shooters × 14 games × 8.75 days × 12 months × 10 year = 58,800 games

Additionally, we have prepared a simulation of 100 shooters in one month.



Please check the characteristics and results of each mode.

In addition, this result assumes that you played while sitting in one seat, but if you can secure multiple seats on the online casino, PCS also supports input of multiple simultaneous play, so in the same time it is possible to achieve double or triple results.


★ Stable Mode ★

The highest loss is the lowest. At the cost of mitigating risk, profits are reduced to some extent.


★ Normal Mode ★

You can get stable profits for a long time. Risk rewards are the most balanced.


★ Challenge Mode ★

You can get stable profits for a long time. Risk rewards are the most balanced.

Other Blackjack Table Results
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